Saturday, 21 July 2012

Space Saving Planters - Polanters and Sky Planters

I am waiting for my green fingers to kick in; the gene is there somewhere, its just lying dormant at the moment. My Grandad had a beautiful garden, my Mum has a beautiful garden, at the moment I have  some quite nice bits of garden (and some muddy, why won't anything grow here bits of garden).

One of my favourite bits is my 'polanters'. We had a bare patch of wall right outside the backdoor, all you could see was white painted brick until I discovered polanters. Now when I look out the backdoor I see a wall of colour. 

Polanters are very cleverly designed; they hardly take up any room. I couldn't put hanging baskets there, I'd constantly be walking into them. They are very easy to plant up and they have an integrated watering system, all you do is plug your hose into the bottom and the soaker hose inside takes water to all of the plants. Last year we had a terrible problem with slugs and some of the plants (especially the petunias) didn't do well, this year I've gone back to the plants that had done well in the face of slugs (lobelias and geraniums) and I've mounted a major slug offensive. We've treated the garden with Nemaslug nematodes three times already this year and I've spent a couple of hours in the rain collecting and killing those I could find (170 the first time!). So this year my polanters are looking much healthier (although I think if the weather wasn't so wintry they'd look even better).

We've not had any house plants in recent years, we had one, but it started a bid for living room domination so we planted it in the garden and then forgot about it when we moved house. Now that I've got a lovely kitchen (which you can read about here) I wanted to put some herbs on the windowsill. Problem is that the windowsill is already full with other things. Then I discovered Sky Planters; plant pots that hang your plants upside down from the ceiling. I've planted 4 across our kitchen window and not only does it mean I've now got the space for plants in the kitchen, but they also act as a screen giving us a little privacy in the kitchen which is overlooked by a neighbour.

These again are cleverly designed. The pot has a reservoir for water in the bottom (or should that be the top? lets call it the narrower end of the pot) and an indicator stick that sinks when they need watering. A mesh cuff stops the earth falling out and a locking mechanism keeps everything in place. I've got the small ones in blue and cream, but they do come in other colours and sizes. Some sizes (including mine) are available in recycled plastic.

I had wanted herbs, but all we've got at the moment is basil, because all the other herbs in the garden centre were looking very sorry for themselves. So at the moment we have a couple of petunias (I'm hoping there are no slugs in my kitchen!) and a Jalapeno pepper. We'll replace the petunias at some point. 

Are there any other space saving products out there? It amazes me how clever designers can be.


  1. That is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, I can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get them planted again

  2. This may be a really silly question, but how have you mounted those planters onto a brick wall? I'm about to undertake some backyard DIY and want to mount a couple (small) plant pots, but I can't think of a secure way to actually get them to stay put without tearing or wiggling loose!

    1. Hi, because they are designed to be attached to the wall they come with a bracket that fits into a slot on the back. Not sure how you might do it with a regular pot


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