Monday, 30 July 2012

Reader Appreciation

Its always good to know that people enjoy reading my blog, so it was lovely to be nominated for this Reader Appreciation Award by Little Magic Beans.

The rules of this award are as follows
1) Include the award logo somewhere on your blog
2) Answer the questions below for fun, if you want to
3) Nominate blogs that you enjoy
4) Pay the love forward: Provide your nominees with a link to your post and comment on their blog to let them know they've been invited to participate
5) Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger who nominated you

What is your favourite colour?

The deep blueish purple you get in a twilight sky on a lovely day

What is your favourite animal?

Naked mole rats. I think its fascinating that naked mole rats have a society like that of bees, but rather than having a lot of individuals incapable of breeding supporting the queen, the dominant female mole rat suppresses the other rats ability to breed so they will work for the colony (sorry that's the sort of thing that decides on your favourite animal when you have a zoology degree).

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Tea, a nice strong cup of builders.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook for me in real life, Twitter for me as Knitty Mummy. I didn't really get Twitter at first, but I had the best night on Twitter watching the Jubilee concert. It was amazing sharing the experience (and the comedy tweets) with hundreds of other people.

Do you prefer giving or getting presents?

Giving, I've got to the age where I only want to receive practical things (which might be nice practical things like a new lamp, so I'm not knocking receiving) so I really like being able to choose fun things for my kids, niece and nephews.

Favourite day of the week?

Tuesday - zumba night! or between September and December Saturday night is Strictly Come Dancing night!

Favourite flower?

Pansies - the little ones, they make me think of lots of little faces and it makes me smile.

What is your passion?

Craft, I've got to keep my hands busy. Knitting is my favourite as its quiet and easy to put away, so I can do it whilst I'm watching TV, unless its my other favourite thing at the moment; Nordic Noir, I can't knit and read subtitles, but I am planning on making myself some 'noir knitwear' in the form of a Sarah Lund jumper.

So whose blog do I appreciate?



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