Thursday, 10 May 2012

Husband Care Labels

Michelle of Mummy Rates It has been running a review of the week linky; 2 weeks ago I was the proud winner with my Bemz sofa cover review. Michelle commented that she liked the review of the covers as well as the review of my husband (he spills a lot, so it was relevant to a post about sofa covers). We then had a silly chat about the care labels we wished our husbands had come with.

What are the little tricks you need to cope with your other half? What are their oddities (and thank goodness mine doesn't show any interest in reading this, because would I like comments on the oddities he has to live with?). Do they shrink in the wash? Should you use a hot iron? Have I taken this metaphor to far?

After much pondering I have decided on my husband's care label:
Now I have my label I just need to figure out where to sew it.

What care label should be sewn to your other half?


  1. Oh great. I post this only in the knowledge that my husband won't google 'Care instructions for xxxx xxxxxx'. Mine would read like this:
    Wash: not as often as he used to. Works at home so thinks it's ok not to everyday.
    Iron: Not likely
    Special: check pockets for peanuts - he drops them everywhere else so I don't see why they shouldn't be in his pockets too!
    Cleaning: Amazing ability to fill bin right to the very top and still not take it out. This has produced the most amazing ability to balance a banana skin on top of an eggshell without it all falling out and splodging onto the floor.

    I feel a bit guilty now. I hasten to add he'd have plenty more dirt on me!

    1. At least I don't have to check pockets before washing - but i do have to check behind sofa covers for chocolate covered raisins


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