Monday, 28 May 2012

Customising my Filofax

For about a year now I have run my family from a massive notebook, scribbling down everything I need to remember and do, problem is this notebook isn't very portable. If I shove it in my bag the pages get caught, ripped and folded. I needed something more robust. So, I've bought myself this lovely A5 filofax (I do feel guilty about buying purple things - I think they all belong to purplemum!).

The reason I bought an A5 one is that I can make it work for me by printing pages of my own design (as A5 printer paper is easily available). The commercial pages are designed for business use, not running a family.

Making the holes, one set at a time
It came with a diary and address book section which I am using. I also bought some coloured lined paper for notes and a plain set of dividers for my customised section. After a bit of research I opted to buy the Rapesco hole punch even though it doesn't fit the A5 binder properly. There are 2 options that fit properly, a portable one that punches one page at a time and an expensive one that punches lots, but both have bad reviews on Amazon. The Rapesco was also heavily reduced at the time. All I needed to do was to make a new mark to show where the bottom of the sheet should go then punch first the bottom 3 holes, then the top.

In the customised section I have made dividers for "To do List", "School", "Gifts", "Useful Info" and "Event planning". Filofax make 'To Do' list sheets, so I am using those to write a brain dump of everything that needs to be done; household maintainence, craft, paperwork and errands to run.

For the School and Useful info sections I am using the lined notepaper to make any notes I need. I can also punch holes in any school letters it would be useful to carry around. The filofax came with a few sheets of things like conversion tables, so I've put them in the Useful info section. Mainly to prove to shoe shop staff that bringing me a 41 when I tell them I am a UK 9 is not acceptable (41 is 7, 9 is 43, but many shops seem to think that just by re-labling their shoes they will suddenly fit my feet). Anyway, I digress....

My own sheets in the gift section
Its the gift section where I have made my own sheets. I have made charts for birthday presents for each of my children and the same for Christmas and Santa presents. I've also made ones for presents for friends and family and one for Christmas cards, so I don't forget anyone. 

Doing this means I have been able to put in tick boxes to say that the present has been bought, wrapped, sent and thankyou notes sent in the case of presents we have recieved. Finally I have a list of all the presents that I have stashed away in a secret hiding place. If I find a bargain that would make a really good present I'll buy in then and hide it away.

I've also made some sheets to help with holiday packing. Listing all the things we usually take, with tick boxes so I can check we've got the same things each year.

When my daughter starts school in September I'll be able to make customised sheets for school things (I just don't know what they will be yet!).

The last thing I did was to make it a little prettier. The first page was this horrible Filofax information page which I needed to keep because the other side had a calender for next year on it. So I cut a nice piece of scrapbook paper to cover the horrible side. I've also treated myself to a pretty pen.

Now I can run my life and enjoy how lovely my book is.


  1. I love how you've done your Filofax! I have the same one, I love the color and how lightweight the binder is. I especially love how pretty your pages are!!

    1. Thanks, I think the fact that its purple really swayed me on my purchase!

  2. Ooh really nice! And so organised! At the moment, I flit between reminders on my phone and a little diary, but I would prefer to have everything in one place like this. Do you find it a bit heavy or bulky for your handbag? Also does it get really full with extra papers and letters etc?

    1. Hi, No I don't find it too bulky for my handbag, its not really much bigger than the big note book I used previously. At the moment it doesn't get full of extra papers and letter, but my daughter is starting school in September, so we'll have to see what happens when the school send home lots of letters. I've tried using my phone but until I can customise my phone it just won't work for me

  3. I absolutely love your Filofax! i chose an A5 so i could print my own pages too! I went one step further and got some personalised planner pages from which i am in love with and will definitely be getting next year if she does them again!

    Here is my planner -

    Bells @


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