Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Annoying Teenagers

Yes I know all of them are annoying, but I have my own particular group that are really winding me up the wrong way. In fact they are winding up half my Zumba class.

I am a complete Zumba addict, I am counting down the days until my son is in preschool and I can go to daytime classes and fit a few more in each week. When my daughter says "when I'm at school and [her brother] is at preschool you are going to have NOTHING to do", I know that on top of the things like cleaning that she obviously gives me no credit for I will fill my time with some Zumba.

The thing that breaks the magical Zumba spell is people in the class not putting in the effort. Do it badly; I don't care, everyone is having fun. But don't do it half-heartedly. This is where the teenagers start to bug me. They hardly move; one of them wears a jumper for the entire class. If you can wear a jumper throughout a Zumba class you are doing it wrong - I get so hot I think I should be doing it naked, but I won't because 1) that would be unpleasant for the rest of the room and 2) if I do it without a sports bra on I get distracted from the rhythm by boob-jigalige). You cannot wear a jumper for Zumba.

The noise is also a problem. I can hardly breathe by the end of each song, but they are somehow able to talk all the way through. I'm sure, as teenagers, they are naturally fitter, but not that fit. They also exhibit another very strange behaviour when it comes to space; they don't seem to be able to stand a sensible distance from each other and other people in the room. Between songs they huddle together as if they are discussing team tactics and during them they dance so close to each other and the other rows it causes a crush.

They stand a few rows behind me (but are gradually moving forward) so I can only see them when we are facing the side or back of the  room. I hate to think how they move (or rather don't) when we do sexy moves because embarrassment obviously plays a big role in their lack of movement. When we have to put our arms above our heads, their hands don't go above their necks, because obviously if you put your hands in the air you are going to look like a twit (or maybe if you are in the minority who aren't doing it properly you'll look like a twit - yup that's the right way round). The rest of the class is made up of women in their 30s, 40s and 50s, women who are comfortable in their own skin (even if that skin wobbles a bit). These lithe, fresh teenagers should be the most confident in the room, although maybe they would be even more insufferable if they were.

OK, so they are loud, they get in the way and they put in no effort, but there is one thing that rolls these facts into one extremely annoying ball. They are doing Zumba as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award! Doesn't this devalue the award? They are supposed to be doing a sport for a year. As much as I love Zumba, its not a sport AND they aren't actually doing anything in the class. So technically they are not doing something that is not a sport!

I thought that employers and universities took into account whether teens had done Duke of Edinburgh (otherwise why are they doing it) but how do employers know whether they are getting committed teens who have done the Ten Tors Challenge or hiked up Kilimanjaro or the ones who don't break a sweat at a Zumba class? It renders the whole concept useless for all those teens who have put in the effort.

Oh and from my point of view, they have to do it for a year, which means we won't be getting rid of them any time soon.


  1. I hear you. Annoying teenagers in the cinema are the bane of my (film addict) cinema experience.

    1. and we'll have our own annoying teenagers before we know it

  2. I've done a Zumba Xbox review for UKMums.tv - I loved it! x

  3. The teenagers that wake me up in the middle of the night by shouting outside my window get on my nerves! Teenagers are just generally annoying! I really need to try Zumba, I have heard a lot of good things about it x

    1. Zumba is the only exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. It kind of feels a bit like being in a musical


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