Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter Baskets and Egg Hunt

We've returned from a lovely trip to my Mum's house along with my brother's family, so we had plenty of kids to entertain over Easter weekend.

On Easter Saturday, after my Mum and I had been kept out of mischief for an hour cutting out craft foam, the 4 older kids made baskets (and a 32 year old big kid made one whilst his littlest slept). On Sunday the Easter bunny visited and all five children hurled round the garden collecting eggs.

If you want to make a basket like ours then in true Mister Maker style you will need:

2 pieces of craft foam or card (one makes the handle and you can get more than one handle out of a piece if you are making multiple baskets)
Double sided tape
Stapler (optional, but it will make the baskets a little more durable)
Decorations (we had easter stickers, fluffy chicks, wooden chickens, feathers, foam shapes and googly eyes)
Chocolate eggs

First cut out the basket and handle from the craft foam. You can make it any size, but the length of the diagonals (on the top and bottom sections in this picture) must be the same length as the side panels (the bits with tabs on)

basket template

Place double sided tape on the tab sections of the basket (the side you put the tape on will be the outside of the basket) and on the ends of the handles

basket template, sticky tape

Stick everything together and add a staple at each corner to reinforce

easter basket


easter basket

Easter basket, craft

Easter Basket, craft

Easter Basket, craft

Easter basket craft

Collect eggs

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt


  1. A lovely post, looks like you all had a lovely Easter. Will refer back to this next easter as the baskets look lovely.

    1. I will be promoting this post again on Facebook and Twitter in the run up to next easter

  2. Sooo cute! WIll be a lovely addition to the Easter Crafts challenge :-)



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