Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tea Tasting

I've had a lovely weekend (probably because its been a big break from the kids), today my lovely husband has been on parenting (and popping to B&Q) duties as I've been painting the dining room. Yesterday he was on parenting duties whilst I went off and enjoyed myself.

Firstly I went and had my haircut and with my wonderfully tamed locks I went to meet a friend for a tea tasting session at a specialist tea cafe (Oh and there was cake too!)

We started by drinking white tea, this is just the buds straight off the bush, dried and brewed. Our verdict was that it had a pleasant smell of damp rabbits (although that sounds horrible I promise it was a nice smell) but taste wise just didn't have enough oomph to it.

Next we moved onto green tea, very nice indeed, but again I do like a bit of a kick with my tea.

Now this next one was my favourite; Oolong tea. It sits somewhere between green and black teas. It was very refreshing and surprisingly economical as you can steep the same leaves four times (or more) so you can keep going back and adding hot water to the leaves and making another cup. I've bought myself a tin so I can enjoy this one at home.

Now we were able to enjoy our cakes as we moved onto the black tea. This is the first of the teas we tasted that had to be brewed at boiling point and the first that couldn't be re-steeped. Again it was nice, but I think if I'm going to have black tea its going to be a mug of 'builders' with milk.

We finally moved onto the oddest of the teas we tasted; Pu 'erh. We were warned that this wasn't often to Western tastes, in fact the person at the next table discarded hers, but I have to say I found it to be delicious. Its made by fermenting the leaves underground (a bit like compost) and has a very earthy taste, very un-tea like. It's tea Jim, but not as we know it.

I really enjoyed the tea and the company, it made for a very pleasant couple of hours. I do recommend searching out Oolong and Pu'erh (just maybe try the Pu'erh before investing in a whole packet).



  1. tea tasting sounds like my ideal day out! Still can't drink after having Bob. ;o)

    1. It was a great way to spend an afternoon - and no hangover (but a LOT of trips to the loo!)


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