Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Wrong Side of the Camera

In my previous non-mummy life I worked in TV post-production. So I’m used to being behind the camera – in fact so far behind the camera that I was miles away in an office just sending cameramen out to film things.  But a couple of days ago I got a taste of being on the other side.

I found it really nerve-wracking, but also nice and familiar. It was nice seeing a professional camera (and camerawoman), big microphones and hearing technical terms that had been hidden in my mind’s filing cabinet only to be bought out and placed firmly in my brain’s inbox.

The other funny thing was being recognised, but not recognised properly. It was only a tiny thing, its not like I was suddenly a celebrity, just people in the local shops smiling at me in a “I know you, but don’t know why so I’m just going to be polite and grin” way. It put me in a very good mood to be smiled at all day. I think we should all make more effort to smile at strangers; spread a little sunshine on a chilly day.

So this won’t be my ticket to appearing on Strictly Come Dancing (the only reason I can think of to be famous)  but the mechanics in the local garage did ask for my autograph!
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