Friday, 3 February 2012

Brrrrr….time to get out the Mummy Mitts

Baby, its cold out there – but I’ve still got to get to preschool, do the shopping and take the kids somewhere entertaining. So its time to bring out my beloved Mummy Mitts. These are gloves that strap onto the handles of the pushchair, you may have seen them on Dragon’s Den.

The Dragons, being rich and mainly male, don’t know what its like to be pushing your children to the shops when one needs a nose blowing (and you have to take your gloves off). Then you need to get your debit card out (and you have to take your gloves off). Then your child takes their gloves off and you have to put them back on (after taking yours off). Then your mobile rings (and you have to take your gloves off – you can’t operate an iPhone with gloves on).

This is why I love my Mummy Mitts. I would have lost several pairs of gloves on the afore mentioned shopping trip alone! Normal gloves would have been put in my pocket and fallen out, left by the till in a shop or on the bus. You can’t loose your Mummy Mitts when you take them off (unless you are so unbelievably forgetful that forgot you came out with your children in the first place).

Mummy Mitts are also waterproof and very warm. They are big, so your hands slip in easily – I can take mine on and off without breaking stride.

This is going to be my last winter with the pushchair in full time use, I’m going to miss my un-looseable gloves. What am I going to do next year? I might have to sew my normal gloves to a piece of elastic just as I’ve done for the kids!

Disclaimer: I received nothing from mummy mitts for this review, the above opinions are all my own.


  1. Mummy Mitts sound like a damn good idea when you had a pushchair, I used to hate getting hand freeze!

  2. Shame for you that they hadn't been invented earlier


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